UKCNA Presents Summer Convention

Please join us on 30th June - 3rd July 2022 for our summer convention.

Prices of tickets are as follows:

On the door registration for whole event - £25

Day only - £10 (includes dance)

Dance only - £10

We look forward to seeing you

Chair - Mick - 07740099335

Vice Chair - John - 07564278106



You can book banquet tickets on their own by using the following link (please note that banquet tickets are included if you have booked a room in the hotel): https://advanceordering.birminghammetropole.com/shop/index/1755445492c73163

Room Availability

We have a limited number of rooms available from 01-06-22 as we have sold out 80% so far. To avoid disappointment please utilise the link below for room bookings. 

The price for a single room is £143 per night for dinner, bed and breakfast. The price for a double room is £179 per night for dinner, bed and breakfast. 

The rate remains the same for one night before and after the event.

The minimum deposit accepted by the Hilton is the price of the first nights stay you are booking. 

If you would like to book a room please type in the link to your browser or go to UKNA convention page.